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De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam (NL)


Radna Fabias translates the poetry of Nobel Prize winner Louise Glück for De Arbeiderspers publishers. Although translations of some of her poems have appeared in literary magazines, this is the first time Glück’s poetry has been published in book form in the Netherlands.

‘The best characterization of Glück’s poetry is that “everything she touches turns to music and legend.” Indeed, Glück belongs to that club of poets whose work sings of its own accord, where the emphases are where she has conceived them and has a story to tell: of compassion, wonder, loathing, and sometimes of lyrical rage.’ – Philip Huff in De Groene Amsterdammer

Glück named Averno (2006) after a small crater lake in southern Italy, which the Romans considered the entrance to the underworld. Averno is like a long, restless lament full of shrewdness and harrowing images.

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